• 40 Individually designed emotion cards with instructions inside
  • Suitable for a wide age range, from adolescents to adults
  • Ideal for personal growth and healing, aiding conversations, or journal writing
  • For personal and/or professional use

They are designed to help people who may be struggling with feeling unhappy or unfulfilled and want to gain more clarity about why they are feeling like this. They are a therapeutic tool to help you gain understanding about what areas of your life you are struggling with, explore your feelings, get insight into your emotions and build the strength and resilience to move forward positively with your life.

You may choose to use them on your own, or with a trusted friend or family member. Or you may want to use them before starting face to face therapy. They are also a fantastic aid for counsellors, social workers, life coaches, teachers, and mental health professionals alike to use with their clients. Some clients really struggle to articulate how they are feeling in words, so having aids like My Little Therapy Box can help to make the experience of communicating less daunting and more meaningful.

Each therapy card covers a different topic that commonly arises in the therapy room. Each one has had a lot of thought and love put into it, with individually designed illustrations and questions to help us explore our emotions further.