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My Little Therapy Box 

Your resource to support wellbeing, and improve happiness.

Hi, I am Natasha Page!

An integrative therapist with a passion for mental health and supporting others. I believe every client is unique and the way therapists work with individuals should reflect this.

I help therapists/mental health related professionals such as social workers, teachers, psychologists to utilise creative ways to support our clients. My Little Therapy Box also makes it easier for people to talk to one another about their mental health.

The My Little Therapy Box resource was created by me after I observed some clients struggling to open up in the early stages of therapy. Some clients also struggle to articulate their feelings into words. So, I created My Little Therapy Box to help people in or out of therapy to explore their mental health in an accessible way and to start or have more meaningful conversations around mental health.

The My Little Therapy Box resource has helped 1000’s of people from all around the world.

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As featured in...

As featured in...

Your resources to support wellbeing, and improve happiness.

Courses for therapists/Mental health professionals

Easy to access CPD courses for therapists and mental health professionals.


My Little Therapy Box Mood Cards

My Little Therapy Box Mood cards help to promote self-care, and reflection for personal or professional use.

They are intended to have a positive impact on your wellbeing by helping you to identify areas in your life that you may be struggling with and help you to make positive changes and enhance your happiness and wellbeing.

You can use the cards whenever you want to reflect on your emotions. They are intentionally placed in a lovely slim line tin so they can be easily stored in your bag or kept on your bookshelf or in a drawer.


Courses for you

Our wellbeing courses are designed to support everyone's mental health, overcome the most common mental health concerns that we all face from time to time.


For Personal
Growth & Healing

To Help You
Feel Happier

To Help You
Move Forward

To Prepare You For Change

"Well I'm privileged to have had a sneak peak and Natasha's little therapy box' is indeed a fabulous resource – informative, relatable, helpful, and the cards cover all pertinent struggles a person may have. And more than that, Natasha has identified issues that are not addresses in other emotions type cards that I have seen. Highly recommended."

Stephanie Jeans
(Indaba Counselling)

"Last night I had my first look at your little therapy box and it's absolutely amazing what you've produced. The versatility and ease of use is what's so brilliant about it."

James Brown
(Assistant Psychologist)

"Such great cards for finding out more about barriers which students can struggle with, causing overwhelming feelings when thinking about post 16/18. We've had these on the table today and students have really come up with some good coping strategies when looking at the flip side of the card. Thanks Natasha Page, loving my little box."

Louise Cant
(Colonel Frank Seely School Nottingham)

Registered professional bodies:

Registered professional bodies:

Access your FREE 'Creative Therapy Training'

My Little Therapy box all started with my passion for helping clients in therapy who struggle to open up and articulate their feelings into words.

In this 30-minute training session, I share the barriers some clients face in therapy and how we as therapists can help them overcome this by using creative ways to help them engage and get the most out of the therapeutic relationship.

This is the same presentation I was invited to deliver at this year’s BACP Annual Online conference.


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