Working with Race and Identity


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Navitaing race and identity is never easy; even for a qualified therapist.

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Kimberly Anne-Evans  is Research Supervisor, Person-Centred Psychotherapist and Clinical supervisor and draws from her wealth of experience and her own Masters research on colorblindness in therapy. In this course, she gives you tools to be the practitioner that you want to be, having universal positive outcomes for all your clients no matter their background.

In our transformative Race and Identity course, you'll delve into understanding and navigating the complexities of race, identity, and cultural diversity. This course is designed to empower professionals in fostering inclusivity and cultural competence. By engaging in thoughtful discussions and activities, you'll gain valuable insights that will enhance your professional practice. 


✓ Geared towards therapists and mental health professionals, this CPD opportunity offers a flexible online format, allowing you to deepen your understanding at your own pace.

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Through the working with race and identity course you’ll:

Feel more confident working with race and identity

Explore what stops you in your tracks when it comes to the topic of race in therapy

Gain creative therapeutic tools to use in therapy 

Explore key theories that underpin the work we do with clients

Receive a framework to help you communicate with your clients on these topics

Complete 4 hours of CPD, with a certificate provided at the end of the course

What You Can Expect: Modules and Lessons

Module 1: Culture

We dive into a comprehensive exploration of race and racialization, providing a foundational understanding of this critical aspect of culture. Furthermore, the module broadens deeper comprehension of culture and its integral role in the field of practice.

Lesson one: Exploring race and racialisation
Lesson two: Exploring critical terminology in relation to race and culture
Lesson three: Looking at culture through a broader lens to support client work

Module 2: Context

The training delves into the origins of racism and colonialism, tracing their historical roots and understanding how they have shaped contemporary societies. Module 2 aims to foster a deeper comprehension of the broader societal context within which therapy operates, enabling therapists to approach their work with sensitivity and effectiveness.

Lesson one: Looking at the origins of racism and colonialism
Lesson two: A look at the legacy of racialisation
Lesson three: Exploring how can we decolonise therapy

Module 3: Community

How we feel about ourselves has a significant impact on our relationships with others. In the third and final module of our course, you’ll learn how to address self-worth and self-esteem with your clients, and gain a comprehensive understanding of how to help them heal and repair, move forward with their lives, and handle relapses and triggers.

Lesson one: We explore why we need black and brown or mixed heritage only spaces
Lesson two: Exploring the therapeutic benefits of community groups and peer supervision

Module 4: Communication

Module 4 of the course delves into the crucial aspect of communication, offering participants practical tools to navigate discussions on race within the therapeutic context. The module emphasizes the importance of addressing race-related topics and provides therapists with tangible skills to engage in these conversations effectively. A significant focus is placed on exploring the barriers that may hinder genuine connections between therapists and clients, with a particular emphasis on understanding and overcoming these blocks. Additionally, participants are guided through an examination of the fears surrounding language, fostering an awareness of the sensitivities associated with communication in the realm of therapy. This comprehensive module equips professionals with the necessary knowledge and tools to foster open, honest, and constructive dialogues about race, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and understanding therapeutic environment.

Lesson one: Practical tools given on how to discuss race in therapy
Lesson two: Exploring blocks to connection
Lesson three: Exploring how to overcome blocks to connection
Lesson four: Looking at the fear around language

Module 5: Coalition

Module 5, titled "Coalition," is dedicated to examining the critical elements of allyship and collaboration within the framework of racially equitable mental health support. Participants delve into the nuanced concept of coalition-building and its significance in creating a supportive and inclusive environment for mental health. The module addresses the essential topics of white privilege and white supremacy, fostering an understanding of these dynamics to promote awareness and informed practice. Emphasizing the importance of empathy in intercultural relating, the module highlights the role of emotional intelligence and connection-building in fostering meaningful therapeutic relationships across diverse racial backgrounds. By exploring these key themes, participants gain valuable insights and skills to actively contribute to creating a more racially equitable and empathetic mental health support system.

Lesson one: Exploring allyship in the context of racially equitable mental health support
Lesson two: Exploring coalition in the context of racially equitable mental health support 
Lesson three: Exploring white privilege and white supremacy 
Lesson four: The importance of empathy in intercultural relating

See your professional confidence grow.

I’m so excited to share this course with you, and to use it to help make sure that all of my clients – and all of yours – get the absolute best support with race and identity.

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✓ Gain 4 hours CPD. Certificate is provided on completion of the course.

✓  Enhance your professional practice in this comprehensive exploration of race and identity.


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